Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks at girls’ coding event

Sundar Google chief executive officer Sundar Pichai, speaking at a coding event for girls happening at Google’s campus  emphasized the importance of engineers “building products for everyone in the world.

Pichai said to the teams of young women who were finalists in a months-long app-building competition. “There’s a place for you at Google. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You belong here, and we need you.”

Pichai also came just after Google canceled a company-wide town hall meeting, which had been scheduled to address some of the fallout from the memo.


LG V30 camera to have f/1.6 aperture

lg-1587336_960_720 LG V30, however, it is pulling all the stops by giving it a camera with the largest aperture and the clearest glass lens available in the smartphone market to date.

LG V30 comes out, it will have the largest aperture among all other smartphones.

LG calls it Glass Crystal Clear Lens and it basically sums up what it’s all about. It uses glass instead of the conventional plastic lens in smartphone cameras. More than just a premium material, clear glass is able to collect light better than plastic and therefore reproduces color more accurately.

LG V30 is scheduled to be announced end of August with a 15th September.


Uber’s director of operations is stepping down

uber-logo Uber’s first employee, former CEO, and current head of operations, Ryan Graves, is stepping aside from day-to-day activities at the company to focus on his role on Uber’s board.

Graves will aid in the search for Uber’s new CEO.  former CEO Travis Kalanick and a dearth of female candidates. In June, Kalanick was forced to resign after a barrage of self-inflicted scandals cast doubt on his ability to continue to lead the company.

Uber’s first CEO from 2010 to 2011, Graves handed the reins to Kalanick and eventually assumed the role of Uber’s president and VP of operations.



PayPal added to Skype

paypal-784404_960_720.png Today PayPal was added to Skype. Only the sender of the cash must have the latest version of Skype to send money, according to Microsoft. PayPal handles all the money transfer business – so this transfer SHOULD work with only the sender sending.

The following countries work with this Send Money feature as of this week. United States of America, Canada, UK (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man) Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.


YouTube adds an in-app messaging feature

IMG_2185YouTube has added a new mobile-only feature that allows you to share a video with friends and chat about it in a private thread. The feature will be built in to YouTube’s share button, and lets you select from your phone’s contacts list. You can also get a direct link to share and add new friends to discuss the video.

Users can also respond to a video share with, what else, another video by pressing the reel icon


Disney will launch its own streaming service

disneyland-2432258_960_720.jpg Disney has formally announced plans to cut its ties with Netflix in 2019, removing all of its content from the service. According to Disney, its streaming service will be the exclusive means by which fans will be get SVOD access to the company’s ‘newest live action and animated movies,’ raising questions about whether Hulu will also lose its Disney library once its agreement with the company runs out.

Disney’s own alternative, which will feature things like the live action Lion King movie, the planned Frozen sequel, and Toy Story 4.  Disney recently entered into a major streaming deal with Hulu that grants the latter company the SVOD rights for a massive quantity of older movies like Mulan.


Google fires employee who wrote anti-diversity memo

IMG_2130 Google has fired a senior software engineer for authoring a 10-page screed condemning the company’s diversity efforts and claiming men are biologically more predisposed to working in the tech industry than women, Bloomberg reports.

Damore’s viewpoints and the extent to which they undermined Google’s and other tech companies’ continued efforts to increase the representation of women in tech. Damore’s so-called “manifesto,”

Damore’s argument was that biological differences between men and women are the cause of the gender gap at Google and the broader tech industry. Google CEO Sundar Pichai to send a company-wide email titled, “Our words matter.” The email, the existence of which was reported earlier today by Recode, definitively stated that Damore had violated the company’s code of conduct, crossing “the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace,” Pichai wrote. “To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK.”



Xiaomi MIUI 9 launch

MIUI-9 Xiaomi’s MIUI, has just got its new version 9 late last month and will be rolling out to the Xiaomi Mi 6 and Redmi Note 4X this week.

Xiaomi’s keynote when it announced MIUI 9 and the Mi 5X focused a lot on machine learning features.

MIUI 9 will give a larger allocation to apps and processes that, based on user behavior. Smart App Launcher, which is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not your traditional app launcher. Instead, it’s more like the Smart Text Selection that Google is introducing in Android O.

The lock screen will have a special page just for access to some Xiaomi-specific services.  Xiaomi owners will be able to enjoy the benefits of Android 7.0 Nougat.

MIUI 9 because of the wide range of smartphones that will be supported with it. The Xiaomi Mi 5X, Mi 6, and Redmi Note 4X will be getting the update on Friday, August 11. On August 25, Chinese models of the Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Mi 5c, Mi Max 2, Mi Max 32G, Mi Max 64G/128G, Mi 4S, Mi 4c, Mi Note Pro, and Redmi 4X.


VR support is arriving for Firefox

firefox-24921_960_720 Firefox 55, is set to come out on August 8th complete with VR support. Firefox will be joining the ranks of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which also added web-based VR functionality this past year.

Firefox 55 will also include a new tool still in beta testing called Firefox Screenshots, which automatically saves screenshots to the cloud and then copies them to your clipboard.

Chrome’s support only is on Android-powered devices right now, and WebVR on Edge requires you to put the browser in a developer mode.