Google is putting a news feed in Android


Google App (notably, it’s not referred to as “Google Now” anymore) is putting more of a focus on news. So the Google App is essentially splitting into two parts.

On the right is the section called “Upcoming,” where you’ll find all the same, personally relevant news entries. But now there’s a new section on the left — called “Feed”.

Google’s post doesn’t make the sorts of high-falutin’ predictive claims we used to hear with Google Now, instead it’s a “dependable view of your personal info” gleaned from what Google can parse from your calendar and inbox.


Rumours Apple gonna save your medical data in iPhone


Apple is working to turn the iPhone into a one-stop shop for all your medical information, according to a report from CNBC.

Apple is looking at startups in the cloud hosting space about potential acquisitions that could represent a good fit in the larger picture of its health division.

Apple’s program to build a non-invasive blood sugar monitor system set to read levels without drawing blood.





Apple has launched HEIF and HEVC, formats that could save you up to 50% of storage for photos and videos.

They’ve launched it for the camera in iOS 11, and it’s supposed to replace JPEG and allow you to shoot twice as much photos without compromising the image quality.

Media data is encoded according to theHigh Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard
Storage based on widely adopted ISO Base Media File Format (ISOBMFF)
Supports efficient storage of image bursts and cinemagraphs
Supports computational photography use cases
Supports both lossy and lossless image data storage
A better and easy way to distribute still images, image collections and related metadata.



Amazon to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion


The acquisition is technically happening as part of a merger agreement that will see Amazon pick up the supermarket’s net debt and purchase its stock at $42 per share.

But Amazon has also recently gone after the rest of the supply chain involved with that process, too. The company owns thousands of tractor trailers, leases aircraft from Boeing, has experimented with drone delivery, and has been working on developing its own shipping and logistics technologies.

Millions of people love Whole Foods Market because they offer the best natural and organic foods, and they make it fun to eat healthy,” Jeff Bezos, said in a statement.


Google hires Apple chip architect.


Manu Gulati, an Apple micro-architect who worked on the company’s chip development for nearly eight years, has just joined Google, announcing the hire today on his Linkedin profile.

The focus on developing chips for Pixel, however, seems to be confirmed by a over a dozen new SoC-related job offers posted by Google. SoC (system on a chip).

While The Information reported that Google was in talks to develop their own chips as far back as 2015.




Twitter’s redesign


Twitter is rolling out a significant redesign today for its mobile apps.

The new side tab, which can be accessed by tapping your profile picture on the top of the timeline, lets you access your profile, Moments, and settings.

In-app icons now have a softer, rounded design, with the reply button changed to a speech bubble.


On iOS, the new design replaces Twitter’s in-app browser with Safari View Controller, which brings AutoFill, content blocking, and Reader view.



Apple CEO Autonomous Car Strategy


Apple was creating its own autonomous car under Project Titan.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is explaining the company’s strategy in this area, though some mysteries still remain. “We’re focusing on autonomous systems,” Cook told Bloomberg Television earlier this month. “It’s a core technology that we view as very important.

In the interview, Cook said that the self-driving car is just one purpose of autonomous systems. He calls autonomous technology “the mother of all AI projects.”





iPhone 8 will have wireless charging


iPhone will support wireless charging, one of Apple’s key suppliers has confirmed.

iPhone 8, which – along with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus – are expected to launch later this year.

iPhone would include both wireless charging support and waterproofing.iPhone 8 – also known as the iPhone X, or iPhone Anniversary Edition to mark a decade of Apple’s phones.

Wistron, though, is apparently contracted to produce the 5.5-inch iPhone 7S Plus, according to analysts familiar with Apple’s supply chain.





This one special.Gboard for Android now recognizes hand-drawn emoji


Google’s keyboard now recognizes hand-drawn emoji and will now predict full phrases instead of just the next possible word.

Google has been able to make good   changes in the image recognition department.

Google understands the context and will now suggest “to it” or “to seeing.” Past versions of Gboard were only capable of suggesting possible next words using predictive engines, so this is a subtle but powerful step up.



From now Verizon now officially owns Yahoo


Verizon is officially the owner of Yahoo. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is departing the combined company. Mayer was an incredible hire by Yahoo when it brought her on as CEO five years ago. She came to the company after spending more than a decade at Google spearheading key products like search and Maps.

The Yahoo acquisition has taken a long time to close. Verizon initially made an offer last July, for $4.83 billion in cash.

Yahoo had been subject to multiple major data breaches. Verizon decided to stick with Yahoo anyway, ultimately just shaving $350 million off the purchase price.