Android P is out now

Android-P-Developers-Preview.jpg Google has rolled out the first developers preview of Android P. Android P has rolled out for developer testing.  Developers preview of the Android 9.0 P is available only for the Google Pixel devices.  It includes fresh UI, settings menu, notifications and more.

Notch: Support for notch is here,  variety of cutout shapes and sizes are available like Narrow Display cutout, Tall display and Wide display.

Settings: Google has changed the UI, icons of settings. With Circles and different colors. Google’s Material Design are used.


Don’t worry  Smart Reply is still available in Android P. Google has now repositioned the slider to the right, moving it from its initial position at the top of the smartphone.


Power Menu allows you to take screenshot: Power off and Restart icons is a new Screenshot button. The volume slider has been moved to right side. It also now changes the media volume by default rather than the ringer mode.

Google will be rolling out the update soon. Stay tuned for more news.


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