Intel’s Vaunt smart glasses

vaunt-glasses.jpg Intel’s Vaunt smart glasses  looks are  normal glasses based on the report from The Verge The Vaunt are something different than Google Smart Glasses.

Augmented Reality, where digital graphics are overlaid on top of the real world . Vaunt will launch an “early access program” for developers later this year. Vaunt uses an advanced technology that actually projects lasers right onto your retinas, delivering you a running a feed of notifications and information without an actual screen.

The Verge discovered when theyhad hands  with a prototype Vaunt. According to Intel, “The design intent was always zero social cost.” ntel says, is a headset that can last up to eighteen hours on a single charge. The electronics are squeezed into a package small enough to fit into half of each arm of the glasses.

It can show you simple messages like directions or notifications. It works over Bluetooth. 400 x 150 pixels onto a holographic reflector on the glasses’ right lens. The image is then reflected into the back of your eyeball, directly onto the retina.


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