Protect your PC against the major Spectre and Meltdown

intel The Meltdown flaw only affects Intel processors Recent security concerns snowballed into a wider warning from Google about vulnerabilities affecting a huge array of processors made over the last couple decades.

Intel has announced that both it and its partners “have made significant progress” in pushing out updates to deal with the two exploits. The company says that it is rapidly deploying these firmware updates and software patches for all varieties of Intel-based systems, including servers all the way down to typical personal computers.

Firefox 57 (the latest) includes a fix, as do the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Edge for Windows 10. Google says it will roll out a fix with Chrome 64, which is due to be released on January 23rd.  Microsoft has issued an emergency security patch through Windows Update, but if you’re running third-party antivirus software then it’s possible you won’t see that patch yet.

These updates will “render those systems immune” to Spectre and Meltdown, according to Intel. Fixes from other companies have already started rolling out, The New York Times reports that Spectre fixes will be a lot more complicated as they require a redesign of the processor and hardware changes.


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