Lyft in the race of self-driving car

lyft.png Lyft is developing its own self-driving car technology, joining rideshare rival Uber.he company is opening a new self-driving research facility in Palo Alto, CA. over the next few weeks, Lyft announced today.

Lyft itself will be producing a system for autonomous vehicles based off that data. It envisages a combination hardware and software kit, with which third-party manufacturers such as automakers could easily upgrade their cars to delete the driver.

According to Lyft, its autonomous project has been a work-in-progress for the past eighteen months. It’ll be aggressively recruiting a team of engineers to the new Palo Alto facility, though it will continue to support third-party users of its Open Platform Initiative. For automakers, there’ll eventually be the option to use some or all of the homegrown autonomous system, though Lyft says it has no plans to make its own car.

Currently, the company uses feedback from the Lyft app its drivers rely on for instructions and navigation for data on each trip.


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