Intel Kaby Lake-X

capacitors-1137494_960_720.jpg Intel has officially announced the upcoming release of an entire new family of HEDT (high-end desktop) processors along with a new chipset and platform to power it.  Intel also offers a separate line of desktop computer processors that it calls its “high-end desktop” (HEDT) processors. These are aimed at power users, personal computer enthusiasts, and high-end gamers.

Intel’s mainstream desktop processors sell for between $40 and $350, Intel’s high-end desktop processors have typically started at around $400 and gone to north of $1,700.

Kaby Lake-X compatible motherboard is going to be more expensive than the cheapest Kaby Lake-S compatible motherboard and that the integrated graphics processor on the Kaby Lake-X chips can’t be utilized.

Kaby Lake-X chips are slightly faster out of the box than their Kaby Lake-S.  Intel is planning to launch Coffee Lake-S processors with four and six processor cores in August — just a couple of months after the Kaby Lake-X launch.


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