YouTube changes some rules. Here they are.

You Tube You Tube the know video-sharing website has changed some rules.  YouTube is allowing in or out – and which sorts of content all content judges will be considering “hate speech”. As a result, there could be some major turn-overs for which videos are able to be monetized and which won’t see any revenue from this point forward.

3 Categories three major towers under which non-monetize-friendly content will rest. If a YouTube content creator hopes to make cash from YouTube, they’ll want to avoid the following. These categories were shared this week by YouTube in a message to creators.

Three main categories for non-ad-friendly YouTube content:
• Hateful Content
• Inappropriate use of family entertainment characters
• Incendiary and demeaning content


1] YouTube is defining this as anything that “promotes discrimination or disparages or humiliates an individual or group of people on the basis of the individual’s or group’s race, ethnicity, or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristic associated with systematic discrimination or marginalization.”

2] The second category is “inappropriate use of family entertainment characters,” which means content showing kid-friendly characters in “violent, sexual, vile, or otherwise inappropriate behavior,” no matter if the content is satirical or a parody.

3] The final category is somewhat broad: “incendiary and demeaning content” means that anything “gratuitously” demeaning or shameful toward an individual or group is prohibited.


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