Microsoft’s new Skype

social-1852360_960_720  Skype has been with us since 2003. Microsoft has managed to add features like free group video calling and Skype for Web, the software giant has struggled with the design and feature set of Skype as it attempts to compete with challengers like FaceTime, Messenger, WhatsApp.

New Skype looks similar to something Snaphat but it’s not Snapchat.With the help of bots you can book tickets wit Expedia and more new features are added.

The new Skype messaging interface now includes three sections in a conversation: find, chat, and capture. Find lets you search through a conversation, or find images, restaurants, and even add-ins like YouTube or Giphy to add content into a message.

You can drag and drop people around in conversations, and react with emoticons during calls. ANDROID GETS THE NEW SKYPE DESIGN FIRST android users grab that one soon.

Android devices will first start seeing the new Skype design today, followed by iOS, Windows, and Mac




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