Google Play Protect

google-play-protect-800x420 Machine learning was the pervading theme of Google’s keynote at I/O 2017. Google Play Protect, which uses machine learning to weed out malicious Android apps and keep them from harming your device. As impressive as that might sound, this something Google has actually been doing on Android for years now. At least those Android devices with Google Play Services.

The system has gone by many names but now Google is formally putting it to the foreground as Google Play Protect.

Protect’s duties start right before an app is posted publicly on Play Store. It scans apps and puts a stop to them right then and there if they are deemed to exhibit unwanted behavior. At the same time, Google Play Protect is also at work on your device itself, routinely scanning apps in the background, whether they were installed from Play Store or via sideloading, and identifies and blocks errant apps.

Google has relocated what was once known as “Android Device Manager” to Play Protect. It is now called “Find My Device”


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