Android is now running on 2 billion devices

google-io-active-users Google offers. As it turns out, many of Google’s services have hit important milestones, especially Android, which just hit 2 billion active devices around the world in the past week.

Android’s dominance in the mobile space. Android has been the dominant phone OS for a while now, but to hear that it’s now running on 2 billion devices around the world puts just how huge it is into better perspective.

Android isn’t the only Google service enjoying a massive group of users. Overall, Pichai says that six other Google services can now boast over one billion monthly active users each: Google Search, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, and Gmail. Pichai pointed out that it’s not just the number of users these services have attracted that’s important, but also how much they use them. For instance, YouTube’s 1 billion users stream 1 billion hours of video per day, an impressive metric on its own.

At next year’s conference, we could very well hear that Google Drive has surpassed 1 billion users worldwide, with even more impressive statistics for the likes of YouTube and Google Maps.




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