Forget your Debit Card use your phone to pay at the store

holiday-shopping-1921658_960_720.jpg Three primary options are available: Android Pay for most Android smartphones, Samsung Pay for Samsung smartphones and Apple Pay for iPhones.

It’s your best bet if you have an Android phone but it isn’t a Samsung device with Samsung Pay.

Download Android Pay from the Google Play App Store.
Open the app and tap “Add Credit or Debit card.”
You can choose cards already associated with your Google Account or add a new one. Agree to the terms and conditions that pop up. Then verify your card via email (you’ll receive a number to enter into the app)
That’s it! Now, the next time you see a card reader with the Android Pay logo, just open the app, choose your card, and tap to pay.

Samsung’s acquisition of a company named LoopPay.

Here’s how to set it up.

Open up Samsung Pay, which should be pre-installed on your Samsung smartphone. (If for some reason you don’t have it, get it here.)
If you’re prompted to sign in, use your Samsung account credentials or create an account. This is where you’ll also create a PIN for accessing your cards before payment.
Tap credit/debit cards and then tap “Add.”
Use the camera viewfinder to center your credit card. This allows your phone to capture the card number, expiration date and your name. You can also enter this in manually.
Next add in the verification code.
You’ll need to confirm your card with a code sent to you via email or text message from your bank. Enter this in.
Now you’re ready to go. Samsung lets you swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to easily access your cards when you’re ready to pay, and you’ll verify your identity with a pre-set pin code or your irises (if you have a newer Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ smartphone.
Samsung Pay is even offering a temporary promotion for a free $20 gift card for registering your first card, which you can use anywhere Samsung Pay is accepted.


Apple’s iPhone asks if you want to get started while you’re initiating your phone for the first time, and Apple Pay can be used in the App Store or for mobile payments.

If you’re not sure, open up the Apple Wallet application, which is pre-installed on your phone.

If you don’t see any credit cards under the Pay icon, tap the + button at the top-right of the screen to add one.
If you don’t have Touch ID setup yet, you’ll be walked through registering your fingerprints.
Next, use the camera viewfinder to scan in your card. Just center it in the frame and Apple Pay will grab all of the details, or you can enter them manually.
Like with the other payment options, you’ll need to verify your card using a text message or email code sent to you from your bank. Enter that and you’re all set.


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