Apple’s investing $1 billion to expand US jobs


On Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced plans for a $1 billion fund to expand advanced manufacturing jobs in the United States, but the company is no stranger to job creation.

Apple has already created 2 million jobs in the U.S., from engineers to app developers to suppliers, Cook told “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer.

Apple has employed workers in all 50 states, boasting 80,000 company workers in areas like research and development, customer support, financial services and Apple’s 271 U.S. stores.

U.S.-based suppliers such as Corning, which provides glass for the iPhone and iPad, and 3M, which Apple calls on for adhesive materials, credit the company for 450,000 jobs.

Additionally, 1,530,000 jobs can be attributed to what Apple calls “the App Store ecosystem,” a network of designers and developers for the ever-growing roster of iPhone apps.

“These are folks from really small businesses, a party of one, to larger companies, and they’re writing apps that change the world,” Cook said Wednesday.

Apple cites a number of statistics, including a 1,500 percent increase in U.S. workers since 1998. The company also lists key investment projects in California, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Oregon to build new facilities and hire more employees.


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