Apple Loop: New iPhone 7S Leaks

iphone-7-1748387_960_720.jpg  Apple Loop includes which new iPhone will get an OLED screen, production issues with the iPhone 8, more details on the iPhone 7S, discounts on the MacBook Pro, Apple’s role as Silicon Vally’s kingmaker, changes to App Store affiliate income, and thoughts on Surface vs Mac.

iPhone 8 is expected to make the jump to OLED and finally achieve screen parity with Android’s flagship handsets. The recent numbers coming out of the supply chain point to Apple’s expected success with the vivid screen technology.

“iPhone 8” or “10th Anniversary iPhone,” optimism about the supply of OLED displays prompted Morgan Stanley to revise its forecast because of a “higher than expected iPhone 7 Plus mix” and better “supply chain clarity” on OLED display supply to Apple, the investment bank said in a research note to investors this past week.

Basically half of the upcoming iPhone model mix could be OLED. “With an expected (second half 2017) total iPhone production plan of 100-110M, this suggests OLED could be closer to 50% mix, versus our prior conservative assumption of 33%,” Morgan Stanley said.  There is already talk of a delay in production, and this has been backup with more details from KGI Securities analysis Ming-Chi Kuo.

The KGI Securities analyst issued a note on Monday… cautioning that production ramp of the so-called “iPhone 8” could begin as late as October or November. That would be later than the usual August-September timeframe for a new flagship iPhone. Kuo said the potential delays could come about because of production difficulty.


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