Windows 10 Cloud specs leak

Windows_10 Microsoft’s upcoming May 2nd event is only a few weeks away, we’ll finally see the debut of Windows 10 Cloud, a scaled-back version of the operating system designed to compete with Chrome OS on low-spec hardware. Among the new details are a list of minimum specs for Windows 10 Cloud, revealing how such devices running the OS would compare to Google’s Chromebooks.

The leaked specs list comes from a Microsoft document that was published by Windows Central, titled “Windows 10 Cloud performance.” Among the benchmarks for hardware running the OS include a battery life of over 10 hours, or “all day” for “most students,” and a 20-second boot-up time.

The recommended minimum specs are similarly modest, allowing for devices to be affordable for students: a quad-core Celeron processor or better, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (or 64GB for 64-bit), and optional pen and touch support.

Previous Windows 10 Cloud leaks have indicated that the OS variant will have an interface that largely resembles the full-fledged version, and that it will be limited to running Universal Windows Platform apps, meaning only those that are downloaded from Microsoft’s Windows Store.


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