Snapchat denies that its CEO termed India as a ‘Poor’ country

snapchat-1374859_960_720.png  Snapchat (and by extension, its parent company Snap Inc.), which has been witnessing a massive backlash ever since a report about its CEO Evan Spiegel labelling India as a ‘poor’ country was recently published by Variety website, has now denied the claims.
The company reached out to YourStory website and denied that CEO Evan Spiegel ever mentioned India being a ‘poor’ country.

Snapchat has also provided clarification about former employee Anthony Pompliano claiming that the company showed incorrect/inflated numbers to its investors.
“In the notice we filed with the court when we unsealed Pompliano’s original complaint (attached), we wrote: ‘Snap did not give investors misstated user metrics back in 2015; nor did Snap employees commit any of the panoply of alleged bad acts that litter Pompliano’s complaint. Snap will demonstrate as much at the appropriate time in the appropriate forum’,” said the company in an official press release.
To recall, Variety website recently reported that in a meeting held in 2015 regarding the growth of Snapchat’s userbase, CEO Evan Spiegel replied to an employee’s query that “This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

Soon after the news broke out, the rating of the app dropped to 1-star on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
In addition, Indian Snapchat users started uninstalling the app and took to Twitter to vent their ire.


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