Rumors what iPhone 8 handset may look like

iphone-6-458153_960_720 Designer Benjamin Geskin has published a series of high quality renders revealing what the iPhone 8 may look like.

5.8-inch OLED display on the renders, something mentioned in many leaks, as well as Touch ID that is, in this case, embedded underneath the display rather than presented with a physical sensor. The elimination of that sensor means the display stretches to the bottom of the phone, a first for Apple.

Touch ID sensor moved to the back of the handset. The difficulties in figuring this issue out could result in Apple delaying mass production of the handset, at least if these reports are correct.

Geskin claims his renders are ‘based on real blueprints,’ and they include things like 4mm bezels and a metal frame. Though you can’t exactly see it in the photos, the iPhone 8 (or iPhone Pro or iPhone X, if you prefer) will supposedly include wireless charging, as well as a dual-camera setup on the back with a protruding, vertical arrangement. Such a camera design has been seen on many, many iPhone 8 leaks.



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