Windows 10 Creators Update is now officially Available now

computer-914546_960_720  Windows 10 to the general public. Of course, it’s not as big a jump as Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 considering Microsoft’s new found path of rolling updates, but it’s a significant one nonetheless. Microsoft has already been teasing and revealing what users can expect so there are very few surprises.

Microsoft has a very long list of new features and changes that comprise the perhaps misnamed Creators Update, but we can highlight a few that center on gaming, the Edge browser, and privacy. Ironically, nothing related to content creation, except perhaps for Windows 10’s new found 3D capabilities, exemplified in Paint 3D.

Game Mode has already been explained before as a way for Windows to reallocate more hardware resources to compatible games. The Creators Update also brings built-in gameplay streaming via Beam, taking on Twitch.tv and YouTube Gaming.

Microsoft Edge is also getting a major facelift. It still looks minimal but it is now loaded with built-in, not plugin, features.



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