New iMac is on the Way.

computer-791392_960_720  The Cupertino firm confirmed today that it’s working on new iMac all-in-ones that will specifically target the high-performance requirements of professional users. According to Apple execs, that stubbornness comes not from an unwillingness to recognize the market may be changing, but a truism about what professional users require. “We have big plans for the iMac,” Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing, says.

Apple leaving the Mac Pro to stagnate with minimal updates; the company admitted today that it is completely rebooting its high-end desktop, with an all-new modular architecture. That comes after Apple bet on multi-GPU configurations and external expansion over Thunderbolt 2.

Apple won’t say whether or not it will adopt the “iMac Pro” name, as it did with the iPad Pro. Schiller’s comment on performance, storage, and expandability would imply even more powerful CPUs and GPUs; whether Apple will look solely to Thunderbolt 3 for expansion is unclear.



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