Galaxy S8 leak before official unveil

galaxy-s8-official Samsung finally and officially reveals the Galaxy S8 this week, it will be doing so in front of an audience that knows practically all there is to know about the smartphone. Not that it might matter as far as sales will go, though it’s still an amusing thought to consider. Leaks like this latest dump to come from WinFuture basically leave no stone unturned.

The screen, has a resolution of 2960×1440. It’s actually taller than the LG G6’s 2880×1440 so, in theory, Samsung is giving us more screen space. It might not be able to do a two-square gimmick though. There is also going to be only 64 GB of storage available, says the spec sheet. No 32 GB finally, but, strangely, no 128 GB either. Still expandable with a microSD card, at least.

The front of the smartphone, which is practically bare, does add something new, an iris scanner. First seen in the Galaxy Note 7, it isn’t surprising that Samsung has decided to include it in the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy Note 7 weren’t as bad as was thought, Samsung’s window of opportunity is closing fast. Whether it has enough compelling features, not to mention safety precautions, to compete with a growing number of fierce rivals this year, we’ll have to wait just a few more days to find out.


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