GBoard for iPhone gets new languages

gboard   GBoard since it was first introduced back in May, then you’ll probably like what’s coming today. Google has announced a new update for GBoard that adds a lot of new functionality and support, including support for iOS 10 emoji at long last. On top of that, the number of supported languages is getting a pretty big expansion, giving you plenty more options when it comes to picking your language of choice.

Google is adding support for 15 languages in all: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Catalan, Hungarian, Malay, Russian, Latin American Spanish, and Turkish.

Today, the number of emoji supported by that search functionality is expanding, as GBoard now allows you to search for all of the ones added with iOS 10.

You can now view the Google Doodle within GBoard as well. If there’s a new doodle for you to check out, the Google button on your keyboard will be appear animated.

New microphone button appearing in the message panel. Simply tap the microphone button, say your message, and then send it off. It’s more or less like any other keyboard voice-to-text you’ve used.



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