Samsung Chromebook Plus pre-order starts


Starting with the announcement of full support for Google Play Store, in other words Android, apps, the device class has gotten a fresh round of new devices, some more exceptional than others. The Samsung Chromebook Plus is definitely one of those. Announced at CES 2017 last month, the pen-toting, high-end convertible computer is now available for pre-orders, with a shipping schedule slated for a few weeks later.

This Plus model, in particular, has a 2 GHz hexa-core “OP1” ARM processor custom-made for Chromebooks. This is accompanied by 4 GB of RAM, and a high-resolution 12.2-inch 2400×1600 display that folds back to form a tablet out of a laptop.

One very unusual feature of this Chromebook is its support for the S Pen, Samsung’s Wacom-enabled active stylus. This turns the Chromebook Plus from a mere computing device to a creative one. This goes hand in hand with Adobe’s new Android apps that have been specifically optimized for this use case.



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