Apple Watch Theatre Mode and SiriKit Will be coming in watchOS 3.2


The update, which is currently in beta and not officially available to general users, includes two new features which could significantly improve the usefulness of Apple’s wearable and how comfortably it integrates with daily life.

Theatre Mode isn’t a new concept, but it’s fresh to the Apple Watch and, arguably, makes more sense on a wearable than it does on a smartphone. In effect, it stops the Apple Watch from lighting up, either when you lift your wrist or when a notification pings.

. Effectively opening up a selection of Siri’s talents to third-party apps, it means that developers will be able to add voice control to their features, at least assuming they’re in certain categories.

Right now, that means support for messaging, payments, ride booking, workouts, calling, and searching photos, all by voice. It opens the door to ride-sharing apps in the style of Uber or Lyft being able to book a trip simply by asking the wearable, for instance.



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