iOS 10.3 Dev Beta update


This morning Apple released iOS version 10.3 Developer Seed software to iPhones, pushing with it a number of new features. To be abundantly clear up front, this is not the public beta version of the software, it’s the Developer Beta, which means the public will need to wait a bit longer to get their hands on this software for everyday use.

AirPods can be located, just so long as they are powered on and within range of another device (an iPhone or an iPad, for example), that’s connected to iCloud VIA the internet. Apple suggests that Find My iPhone can still be used if the lost AirPods are experiencing the following:

• Out of range of all of your Apple devices
• Out of power (needs to be recharged)
• Closed in AirPod Case

Find My iPhone will tell the user the last time and location where the AirPods were connected. Once the user gets within range of the lost AirPods, they can tap to play a “specially designed sound” on either or both AirPods.

This update brings a few new features to Siri, starting with cricket sports scores and stats. Those following the Indian Premier League and International Cricket Council will be in luck, as they’re the first to join the Siri collection. SiriKit domains will be expanding with this update, adding paying and checking status of bills with payment apps, as well as scheduling with ride booking apps.



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