Google Hangouts closing doors on apps by April


The Google Hangouts API has been available for a while, and it’s enabled various services to popup around Google’s messaging platform.

However, these services and more will be shut down on April 25th as Google has announced they will be killing the API that powers them.

Many were shocked last year when Google announced the “replacement” apps for Hangouts known as Allo and Duo. It just seemed strange that instead of working to enhance their popular Hangouts messaging service, they decide to switch their focus to mobile-first ones.


Google has Allo for text-based chats and Duo for one-on-one video chats. Hangouts, in their new vision, will be relegated to business use cases, particularly video conferencing. And to “streamline” that transition, Google has silently given its Hangouts API a death sentence. On 25th April, the API will shutdown and apps in Hangouts will cease to function.



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