Amazon Fire TV Edition is coming to 4K UHD smart Televisions.


This version of Amazon Fire TV will be available on a new line of 4K Ultra HD televisions from Element Electronics, Seiki, and Westinghouse. Much like the Roku smart TVs, you’ll be able to access the Fire TV functionality and interface directly on the television, no set-top-box or HDMI stick required seems quite interesting,without set-up box(Is it possible)

Wait a minute Amazon Fire TV, of course, is available to anyone with a television via the set top box or the smaller Fire TV Stick,Amazon has done something similar, but it has jumped straight to the UHD end of the television platform, giving prospective buyers the ultra-high-resolution that has become increasingly popular.UHD better than HD.

Users will also be able to utilize voice commands to open streaming products, such as “Open Netflix.” These voice commands can also be used to rewind content or skip to the next episode, for example. Users can use voice commands or the remote to switch input to other devices, as well, such as a PlayStation that may be connected to the TV.

The Fire TV Edition televisions will be available in 43”, 50”, 55”, and 65” sizes.


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