Apple’s Hidden Photo Feature.


Well Apple every ios updates there may be some its hidden and tricks that everyone loves to know about it. Google and Apple’s services use “computer vision” to detect what’s in photos.(Note it)

But on the iPhone it’s incredibly easy to pick a subject, let’s say “cars” and search your photo library for images that feature a car.Its easier and faster.iOS 10 was one of the best ios update lots of people have switched from Android to iOS.

To save you power and performance issues, iOS only catalogues when the phone is charging. When you take a new photo, Apple’s Image Signal Processor is able to detect objects and people, and will then look them up against its inbuilt database. At the moment this is no shared between your devices though, so don’t expect to see your “favourite” people turn up on an iPad when you tag them on the iPhone (hmmmm) I have always been fan of Apple. One of the best things i love about it is its outstanding development in technology that users fall in love with it.

Every update has something special about it. The jailbreak for ios10.1 is available if you have updated to 10.2 you wont be able to downgrade it.

To get going, just open the Apple Photos app and press the little search magnifying glass. Amazingly iOS recognises  Christmas, Cats and the names of people. In the latter example you can tell Apple photos who appears in your images and it should then be able to identify those people again. You can also go through a process where the phone suggests photos of the person you tagged, and asks you to confirm that it’s them – this is quicker than letting the AI do it.

Apple’s photos features is a bit more clever than that, the idea is that it can build slideshows based on themes, as well as locations. It should be able to make you slideshows that you actually want to watch, rather than just bundling up a bunch of photos taken at one time, in one place.

If anything this feature is more exciting when you consider the future. It’s only going to get better as time goes on, and each update to iOS will more than likely see AI improve and give us new features


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