The biggest changes coming to next year’s Galaxy S8


Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Expectations couldn’t be higher following the cancellation of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 , which was the hottest Android phone the world had ever seen until it went up in flames… literally. Now, Android fans have been left with a Galaxy-sized hole that won’t be filled until February or March next year.

The rumor mill has really been heating up as we approach the end of the year and Samsung finalizes its plans for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge. In fact, we know enough now to safely assume that there won’t be a “Galaxy S8 edge” next year. Unlike in 2016 when Samsung launched a flat Galaxy S7 and then a larger Galaxy S7 edge with curved edges, both of next year’s Galaxy S8 models are expected to feature a design that curves downward on both sides.

Galaxy S8 is expected to be occupied mainly by a gorgeous new Super AMOLED display with 2K Ultra HD resolution. This hot new design will see the bezels on either side of the display completely eliminated, allowing the images shown on the screen to roll over the curved edges and disappear on the sides of the phone. The bezel sizes will also be drastically reduced above and below the screen, according to reports.

In order to shrink that bottom bezel down, Samsung’s typical oblong home button will reportedly no longer be present under the screen. As a result, the home button’s duties will shift to taps and gestures performed on the screen. Then the home button’s fingerprint scanner will reportedly be embedded beneath the display.

Galaxy S8 users can kiss the standard 3.5mm headphone jack goodbye because Samsung is ditching it and going with USB-C for audio as well as charging.


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