Facebook new tool create custom picture frames go live.


Facebook has rolled out the ability to create custom picture frames for videos and photos posted on the social network. Unlike pre-made frames that are used by everyone, this new feature enables users to create their own unique frame for their own videos and artwork.

Because the frames are made using your own artwork, you’ll obviously need to create that artwork first. You can draw it by hand if you like, but you’ll ultimately need to turn it into a PNG image with a transparent background. You should do so for each element of the artwork so that you can reposition them in the final frame.

Facebook says that frames must adhere to its policies and terms in order to go live. This approval process means no one can launch frame content that’s offensive or illegal. Plus, the company reserves the right to take down any frames retroactively if they’re later discovered to be in violation.

Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t making this Camera Effects Platform available in the U.S. at launch. Instead, the tool will initially be open to those in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, the U.K. and Ireland.

Launched this fall, the in-app camera is essentially a Snapchat clone that includes animated selfie masks, overlaid graphics, Prisma-style art filters, geofilters and even some “reactive” filters that respond to body movements.

Ireland is the only market with access to this camera, though the feature was briefly testing in Canada and Brazil during the Olympics.

With the new Camera Effects Platform now available, Ireland will gain access to some additional functionality, including the ability to track frame usage.


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