Galaxy S8 switches to new camera


Samsung were tipped to drop a plan for an advanced camera system with two lenses for the Galaxy S8. This new lens system would have put Samsung in more direct combat with Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus, still expected to wield its own 2x camera setup. This back-facing set of cameras would have utilized two different camera sensors, one made by Samsung, one made by Sony.

Galaxy S8 with two cameras, it would have made comparisons between it and the larger of the two iPhones easier than ever. But don’t be fooled into thinking that battling the iPhone 8 was Samsung’s only concern here – it likely wasn’t at all. Instead, if Samsung did indeed turn down a dual-camera system, it will have been about the product compared to the slightly less expensive one-lens system.

Galaxy S8 will likely be revealed in March of 2017, appearing first at their Barcelona event during Mobile World Congress. During Mobile World Congress 2014 the Galaxy S5 was revealed in a spectacularly large multi-nation multi-event presentation along with a variety of sports tracking wearables.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has also been the subject of a wide variety of rumors over the past several weeks


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