Facebook Instant Games puts PAC-MAN and more in Messenger.




Facebook is taking gaming out of apps and consoles and baking it right into the News Feed and Messenger, bringing classics like PAC-MAN and more to the social network.

That means, not only will they play directly in the Facebook or Messenger app on your phone, or in the browser on your desktop, they’re also cross-platform too.

That means the ability to play the same game whether you’re mobile on a phone or tablet, or sitting at your desk looking for a lunchtime distraction. Instant Games shows up as a new controller icon in Messenger, hooking into the chat app’s conversations for in-game messaging and sharing high scores and leaderboards, along with head-to-head competition regardless of what device your friends are using. In the News Feed, there’s a new Instant Games bookmark which also acts as a log of all the titles you’ve played.

Indeed, Facebook is pitching the vast reach of both Facebook and Messenger – which it says reach 1.79 billion and 1 billion people respectively – as primary motivation for developers to get onboard. For gamers, it’s a potentially much easier way to pick up some classic titles. Among the seventeen launch games there are blockbuster franchises like PAC-MAN and Galaga, along with Arkanoid and Space Invaders. They’re exact reproductions of the originals, too, down to the music and animations.

As well as the arcade classics, gamers will be able to play Track & Field 100M, Words with Friends, Shuffle Cats Mini, EverWing, Hex, Endless Lake, Templar 2048, The Tribez: Puzzle Rush, 2020 Connect, Puzzle Bobble, Zookeeper, Brick Pop, and Wordalot Express in this first batch.



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