New Fitbit Charge 2


Fitbit has updates its two most popular fitness wearables, with the Charge 2 and Flex 2 adding features like auto-recognition of different exercise types, guided breathing, and Apple Watch style reminders to get up and move.

Fitbit figures that, if you can have your pick of straps and even change during the day, you’ll wear the fitness tracker more. There are now seven built-in clock faces ranging from analog through to digital, with different degrees of health info shown on them.

Whereas the Charge HR had a generic mode, the Charge 2 can be switched between different types of sport – running, weights, treadmill, elliptical, and more – each with a different set of real-time feedback data shown while you’re working out.

Those out running or cycling, meanwhile, can connect the Charge 2 to their phone’s GPS and get a summary map, pacing, and distance results afterwards.

Fitbit estimates VO2 max from age, gender, weight, heart rate, and exercise data to figure out its score; it’s more accurate, the company says, the more you work out. As that happens, the app will also make personal trainer style suggestions to tweak your routine, like suggesting when an extra session might be most beneficial, or giving weight advice.

On the flip side, Charge 2 also introduces guided breathing sessions.Fitbit says the research suggests improving breathing performance for slower, deeper breaths can help with cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and cut anxiety.

At launch, there’ll be a “classic collection” with seven colors – yellow, grey, magenta, black, pink, navy, and lavender – along with a Luxe Series, which encloses the tracker in a metal bangle or necklace.

Fitbit measured out the steps involved in three Yosemite trails, and as you exercise you see how far you’re progressing through them. There’s photography of various landmarks – you can move the phone around to view them – and, periodically, “hidden treasures” like quizzes, mini-challenges, and information about the area.



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