Apple Black Friday 2016 sale.


Apple calls it a “one-day shopping event”.

The company will be offering two-day delivery on in-stock products as long as they’re ordered before 5pm, it says. You’ll be able to order online as well as through the standalone Apple app on your iPhone or iPad; there’ll also apparently be in-store offers too.

In previous years, Apple has offered fairly conservative discounts on select items from its range. That’s included Apple gift cards with the purchase of a product back in 2013, though it switched back to cutting device prices the following year. As for 2015, Apple skipped Black Friday altogether.

MacBook Pro, will get a cut come Friday. Apple was criticized from some quarters for just how expensive the new “professional” notebook is, particularly for those models which have the flagship Touch Bar interface strip. Although the range kicks off at $1,499 for the 13-inch version, you’re looking at upwards of $1,799 if you want the OLED touch-strip in place of the traditional function key row.



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