Windows 10 to get a virtual touchpad



Controlling external screens and projectors are no problem for desktops and laptops but can be cumbersome for tablets. Soon it won’t be. Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Insider build showcases a new Virtual Touchpad feature that would allow users to navigate external displays using their tablets, even without a mouse attached.

Some still require the precision and buttons of a mouse, which is where touchpads come in, which are totally absent on Windows tablets (unless they happen to be a 2-in-1). In Build 14965 of Windows 10 for Insiders, Microsoft introduces a virtual touchpad to make that possible. The option can be enabled on the taskbar when users go into Projection mode.

In particular, intelligent features like Flight Detection is available in Germany, Canada, UK, India, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, and Brazil. Features like e-mail, URL, and phone number recognition are also being made available to users of other languages.

Windows 10 Build 14965 is also available for mobile, though the changes there are probably less exciting, most of which are bugfixes and security improvements.


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