Gmail for iPhone update & made Faster.

Google Calendar on iOS, and if you use either of those apps, you probably won’t want to miss them. Speaking about the Gmail update specifically, Google says this is the largest overhaul the iOS version has received in nearly four years (really google).

Gmail users have had this feature for quite some time on desktop and Android, and now after an extended wait, it’s arriving on iOS.

For the uninitiated, Undo Send functions precisely how you would think – the feature gives you a few seconds after hitting the send button to stop the email from actually going out.

On top of Undo Send, Gmail users on iOS are also getting improved search through instant results and spelling suggestions. Finally, Google has implemented swipe controls in this update.Are ios users happy with this update.Well most of them don’t open their mail some of may and some may not.

Well this update given by goole for ios users is good update it will make it more faster.

Google Calendar now also plays nice with Spotlight Search, allowing you to find events and reminders without having to jump to the app first. Beyond those two new features, Google Calendar now also supports non-Gregorian alternate calendars on iOS, such as the Lunar or Hindi calendar.


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