Nintendo Switch reveal

Nintendo has been targeting a March 2017 release window for the Switch for quite some time now.

Nintendo doesn’t have very long to get specific about a release date if it’s planning to launch in just six months. In addition to the missing launch date, Nintendo’s announcement also failed to mention price. I’m thinking that it price will be little higher cause you’re getting all in one everything. It’s a combination portable system and home console. It might bridge the gap between Nintendo’s long-lasting handheld game business and its TV-connected gaming. Don’t worry Nintendo will lauch price soon.

Battery life is going to be a big one for the Switch. Being able to take games on the go with you is a great thing, but if the battery doesn’t last very long, many will quickly begin to consider this extra functionality to be pointless.

Nintendo announced the Switch, it shared a list of 48 third-party partners that had pledged support for the new console.



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