Apple’s future keyboards could be totally different.

Apple upcoming futurekeyboard will be totally different from todays keypad.The reason is without ditching actual physical keys that everyone loves, Apple’s next keyboards will sport tiny e-ink indicators. The purpose? To allow users to change what’s written on the key and, of course, what the key press does, enabling them to practically turn it into an emoji keyboard.

New keyboard is to be able to change keyboard layouts on the fly, also changing what is displayed on the keys.

The side effect is that the same feature can also be used to make any key produce any other key stroke, with a matching visual representation on the key itself. That includes shortcuts for graphics software functions or, yes, emojis.

At the moment, there is no confirmation yet about this new Apple venture, but its collaboration with Foxconn-backed Sonder Design, who works on such a keyboard, is perhaps proof enough. In light of the OLED strip expected to be on the new Mac’s keyboard, it seems that Apple has developed a fascination and obsession with one of the most traditional, and admittedly untouched, input methods of all time.



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