Apple vs Samsung the fight continues.

The long time fight between Samsung and Apple are not over yet.The both companies will set tomorrow before the Highest US court tomorrow a conflict over additional money owed to Apple.


Samsung has already handed over $548.2 million to Apple, and tomorrow the company will attempt to argue that it shouldn’t have to pay out all of the $399 million it owes for design patent infringement.

According to Reuters, Samsung isn’t arguing that it didn’t infringe on these design patents, but rather that the $399 million it’s being told to pay is too much. Reuters points out, this is the first time the Supreme Court has heard arguments centered around design patents in more than 120 years. That amount is the total profit made from the infringing devices, and Samsung plans to argue that it shouldn’t have to pay the full amount because those three designs were ultimately a small aspect of devices that used many more patents.


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