Facebook Messenger Provides now end-to-end encryption to all users.


Facebook started testing End-to-End encryption in Messenger through a new feature called Secret Conversations. Now even all most all apps are providing End-to-End encryption like Wassup and Allo(From Google).

With Secret Conversations, only you and the person you’re chatting with can see the chat messages, meaning that not even Facebook can see what you’re talking about woohoooo.

End-to-End is the one of the best features in all apps. There’s one tin more special about this i.e You can also set time limits on messages sent through Secret Conversations, forcing them to expire and automatically delete after a pre-determined amount of time.

Secret Conversations is available now in both the Android and iOS versions. You just need to update your Messenger.This type of features are only available in updated version of messenger.




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