Rumors iPhone Could Have a New Name

iphone-1067989_960_720.jpg Apple has been the topic of countless rumors—most centered on its plans for the next iPhone and even what it might call the handset. And speculation has run rampant after CEO Tim Cook was spotted having dinner this week with Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Apple might call a rumored handset the company has planned that could commemorate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

Still, Apple (AAPL, +0.33%) has remained silent all week, leaving all the speculation and guesswork to the rumor mill. But that doesn’t mean it was a dull week for Apple. In fact, it shed a bit more light on what the future might look like for the company’s critical handset division.

Apple is rumored to be working on a big new iPhone update that could feature an all-glass design, curved screen, and wireless charging, among other features. The device has been rumored to be named the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. But a new report this week says Apple might actually call it the iPhone Edition. And although it’s believed it will come with an all-glass design.


Google Search Lite in testing in some markets

IMG_2223 YouTube Go, Google seems to be testing what is calling Search Lite, it’s currently available,  now, in Indonesia.

Google Search, both on the web and as mobile apps, is relatively lightweight and simplistic in terms of design and interface, its features have been design mostly with constant Internet connectivity as well as decent phone hardware.

The Search Lite give users quick access to the functionality they need so that they spend less time jumping around screens and, therefore, spend less time connected to the Internet.

Search Lite’s built-in browser and enabling data saver mode, something that’s also present in the larger Chrome app.  It will probably be tested in  markets like India soon


iOS 11 has a feature to temporarily disable Touch ID

IMG_2268 Apple is adding an easy way to quickly disable Touch ID in iOS 11.  iPhone users tap the power button quickly five times to call 911. This doesn’t automatically dial the emergency services by default, but it brings up the option to and also temporarily disables Touch ID until you enter a passcode. Twitter users discovered the new option in the iOS 11 public beta.

Touch ID or face unlock features with iOS 11 could be even more useful. iOS 11 is likely to roll out to existing devices next month beta versions are available.


Apple is investing $1 Billion for Original Video Content

apple-1839363_960_720 Apple is ready to drop $1 billion in the next year to make original content, according to a new report fromThe Wall Street Journal.

JPMorgan estimated that Amazon would spend $4.5 billion on video in 2017, though we don’t have an official number. And Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos said recently that Netflix will spend about $7 billion next year for content.

“Planet of the Apps,” an app-focused version of “Shark Tank” with celebrity mentors like Jessica Alba and Will.i.am, was mocked by critics.


Android O launch may happen next week

Android-O-796x411 Google might finally reveal what the “O” stands for in Android O,releasing Android 8.0 to the public, starting with the Pixel phones.

Most of the visible changes, however, seem to revolve around polishing the interface and interaction models, like dot badges and adaptive icons, notification grouping.

Android O, for example, will be a bit more aggressive and strict in managing apps that run in the background.


Google Allo gets a web app

Allo.png Google revealed the new web app today, allowing those on Android to pair their phones with their computers and send messages from there.

Web app is only compatible with the Android version of Allo,requires that you use Chrome.

All you need to do is head over to allo.google.com/web and open the Allo app on your phone. From there, go into your phone app’s menu and select “Allo for web.” Scan the QR code you see appear on the website and you’ll gain entry to the Allo web app.




Instagram adds comment threads

instagram-1936912_960_720 Instagram has finally introduced comment threads, making conversations easier to follow by indenting replies posted to specific existing comments.

The feature is available on both Android and iOS. The company explains that comment threads are rolling out across the world now, but that it will take some weeks to come up.

Instagram presented all comments in a linear column, and though you can mention specific people who may have commented before you


Google will ban neo-Nazi site

IMG_2130 Google announced plans to drop the site. “We are cancelling Daily Stormer’s registration with Google Domains for violating our terms of service,” the company said in a statement.

It’s still unclear which policy in the Terms of Service was violated. Unlike GoDaddy, the Google Domains’ Terms of Service does not currently include any provisions forbidding users from making violent threats.

Google also banned The Daily Stormer from YouTube, according to Bloomberg.



Sonic Mania is here

Sonic.png Sega merely considered it to be a one-off type game that was released in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary. As a result, 2D gameplay hasn’t appeared in many mainline Sonic games since then, so to be receiving Sonic Mania in all of its 2D glory.

Sonic Team Development has been  between Christian Whitehead, Simon Thomley from Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games.  Sonic’s 2D platformers, there does seem to be a lot that’s new in this title. New stages crafted from the ground up will join remakes of classic Sonic stages like Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone.

Sonic Mania can impress a games industry that has been burned one too many times by medicore or just outright bad Sonic games




Untitled.png Apple has finally joined Instagram, and just as the media-centric social network. Apple Instagram account – which has 18 posts already today – appears to be sharing photos that were taken by iPhone photographers. Apple itself has taken none of the pictures, it appears. Instead, they’re from regular iPhone owners using the #ShotoniPhone hashtag.

Famed movie camera specialist RED has revealed it plans to build a new Android smartphone, the RED Hydrogen One, that will have interchangeable lens support and begin a new line of holographic video-capable cameras.


Facebook has been secretly testing an app in China

smartphone-2271722_960_720 Facebook quietly launched a photo-sharing app called Colorful Balloons in China, where the social networking site is banned, according to a report in The New York Times.

Facebook released the app through a local company called Youge Internet Technology, without any hint of branding from the social media giant, and appears to have taken efforts to ensure that it doesn’t spread widely.

Facebook said that it is “spending time understanding and learning more about the country in different ways